WordFood offers multiple programs including:

WordFood for Leadership and Team Building:

Course length: Keynotes, two hour, half day and full day programs
Ideal for: Leadership and Team Building training

WordFood is how we feed or starve our relationships. It is how we grace or disgrace each other with our words. Language is the food that we feed ourselves and each other, what we take in as verbal nutrition. These are the impressions we comprehend, good bad or ugly. Words have tremendous power. How we use them can have a huge impact on our personal health, work performance and the behavior of others every day. WordFood is a communications program that goes beyond age, race and gender and to the heart of how we treat one another. It teaches the art of language, and how we can leave each other uplifted through heaping servings of healthy words of respect, regard and recognition.

WordFood teaches the power of the four WordFood Groups, the building blocks of the WordFood Pyramid, the essence of a healthy diet of positive interactions.

At this seminar, you will learn to:

  • Redirect bad behavior into more positive and healthy interactions
  • Build cohesive, loyal and effective teams
  • Develop collaborative conversations that transcend age, race and gender
  • Learn how to identify and handle toxic WordFood in its many forms
  • Improve trust, communication and performance
  • Develop a healthy WordFood Diet for yourself and those around you
  • Turn supervisors into managers and managers into leaders

What we say is powerful. Learn how how to change the course of your life and work through words!

WordFood for Communication and Diversity

Course length: Keynotes, two hour, half day and full day programs
Ideal for: Business executives, diversity training, Fortune 1000 employee networks, communications training

WordFood is how we feed or starve our relationships, how we treat each other every day with mutual respect, regard and courtesy. It is a perfect augmentation to a Diversity and Inclusion curriculum to train managers how to work with diverse teams. WordFood also develops the skills of employee networks to work more effectively in their corporations and to build visibility for under-served populations.

In this seminar you will learn to:

  • Deal with your most challenging work relationships with confidence
  • Reduce conflict
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Overcome cross-cultural barriers caused by race, ethnicity or gender
  • Develop collaboration among employee networks to serve corporate goals and vision
  • Eliminate silos and encourage collaboration
  • Improve employee morale and performance

WordFood impacts every aspect of the working day. What comes out of our mouths touches people’s minds, hearts and souls. Crack the code of WordFood and change your conversations today!
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