WordFood - how we feed or starve our realtionships

WordFood award-winning book front cover

WordFood won 1st place in the business/career category and 2nd place in the self help category, Colorado Independent Publishers Association prestigious EVVY Awards.

An Award Winning Book
WordFood: How We Feed or Starve Our Relationships won the 2012 Evvy Awards in both the business/career and self help categories from the Colorado Independent Publishers’ Association.

WordFood reveals the importance of word choice in every aspect of our lives: at work, home and in our communities. You will learn how to adjust your language to adapt to those around you, reduce conflict and arguments, increase your influence and intimacy.

WordFood teaches you about seven archetypal diets that you come into contact with every day. You’ll discover how to bring your communications back into balance.

Who is this book for?

WordFood is an ideal book for anyone who wants  to communicate more effectively. For people who want to improve the quality of their relationships. For leaders, teams, clients, employees.

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