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- Julia Hubbel

Julia’s ability to get this group of type-A executives to engage in true networking was incredible. She is truly skilled at motivating the group to engage and interact with each other, and her openness and honesty really come through.

— Shelley Stewart, Jr.,
Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence and Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco

April 10, 2015

WordFood: Say it NOW

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A week ago, a member of my high school class of 1971 passed away unexpectedly due to a heart attack. Brian was much loved, gave a great deal to the community, and much was said about his life and works.

I posted Brian’s photo on my site as well as some strong suggestions about how important it is that we say what needs to be said before we are standing graveside, wishing bitterly our last words hadn’t been in anger, or so humdrum. Wishing we had expressed our love, our admiration, mended the fence.

Well you can. Now. Today. Pick up the damned phone and do it now. Call, text, ping, tweet, IM, and surprise the heck out of someone in your life by saying what needs to be said, the good and caring and wonderful things that people need to hear.

One of the hardest things we will ever say to anyone is “I’m sorry.” Most of us are so addicted to being right that we choke on these words. Yet where it’s possible to reestablish a relationship by apology, in the end it is worth a moment of discomfort (okay, well, deep discomfort) to get someone back in your life. It could be a life changing moment.

People may respond in lots of different ways, but I guarantee you this: three wonderful things are likely to happen. First, when you start popping out kind notes to people in your world, nice things appear. People respond in kind (yes, and some will want to know what you want). You’re sending out delight. Second, when you are spending time here and there sending out nice thoughts, sweet notes and thoughtful tweets, this directly affects your state of mind, your well being and the way you see the world. You experience yourself in a very positive way. Third, by making sure that the people you care about are fed loving WordFood regularly, you know that your last words with them were probably wonderful ones.

Chances are the folks we treasure are going to be with us for a good long while. Even more reason to make sure they know how we feel about them. The joy we engender by expressing our affection and getting over old or perceived hurts is worth it.

Do it now, folks. Let’s use our social media for what it’s meant to do: connect us, bring us together, and solidify our relationships. There isn’t anything else more important.

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