WordFood - how we feed or starve our realtionships

- Julia Hubbel

Julia’s ability to get this group of type-A executives to engage in true networking was incredible. She is truly skilled at motivating the group to engage and interact with each other, and her openness and honesty really come through.

— Shelley Stewart, Jr.,
Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence and Chief Procurement Officer, Tyco

December 5, 2010

What did you feed your family today?

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When we think about how we fed our families this morning, the first thought that comes to mind is breakfast- oatmeal or eggs, toast or Rice Krispies, fish soup or something else more exotic in other lands. That’s not the food we’re addressing here. What kind of verbal nutrition did you feed them? What kinds of delightful tidbits of kind, supportive, appreciative words did your family receive at breakfast? Any time we have a moment when we can sit down with each other for breaking bread, it’s an extraordinary opportunity to exchange WordFood- the food of impressions, the food that we all hunger for sometimes even more than what nourishes our bodies. No matter who’s doing the cooking or serving, everyone is talking- so set the example. Find ways to say something wonderful to everyone. A compliment. Something encouraging. Acknowledge a job well done, an achievement, no matter how small, how attractive someone looks. These meals of WordFood offer a wholly different kind of meal to your loved ones, and they feed you, too. All of you will start the day feeling better inside and out. You will be fed, even if you get an Oh Mom! or Oh DAD in response. Do it every day so that you’re serving up verbal nutrition with daily nutrition. It will change you and change your family.

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